Petroleum Equipment

Vertical Market Software (VMS) is a leading provider of Petroleum Equipment Industry (PEI) construction, service, and part sales software. Ventus is an integrated solution that’s been delivering outstanding performance to PEI members for more than 30 years. Ventus gives you the tools to manage your entire petroleum business efficiently and profitably. It is an integrated suite of application software that manages virtually every aspect of your petroleum contracting business. It operates on the latest
Microsoft Windows technology using SQL databases, so it’s intuitive and easy-to-use. In today’s competitive marketplace,
your petroleum business-management software should be an asset. The solution is Ventus, designed specifically for your petroleum contracting business.

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Perform preventative maintenance and
keep track of service requirements on all
pieces of equipment.

Complete dispatch solution, with a user-definable board and simple drag and drop functionality.

Better understand technician utilization and track overall performance by location. Also, keep track of all service sites and locations within VMS.

Automatically deliver user-defined checklists to service technicians, which must be completed.


Inventory control keeps track of serialized parts, multiple warehouse locations, and everything is updated from the purchase order.

Keep track of all
inventory on hand and easily locate inventory at any given time.

Manage equipment
and keep track of all serialized parts.

Equipment management helps determine utilization on whether to buy, rent, or sell equipment.


Seamless integration with accounting and all pertinent information available in real-time.

All invoices and
work orders are automatically stored in Document Management.

General Ledger can generate budgets for the year, multiple companies, and inquiry screens to drill-down into any account.

Create your own financial statements or use the built-in statements.


Inquiry screens with drill-down capabilities to each specific line item.

Hundreds of reports available as well as your own report writer embedded in our system.

Leverage AIA progress billing and replace
Excel, which can automatically generate G702 and G703 forms.

Automatic generation of cash requirements, with the ability to make exceptions along the way.


True mobile functionality that works on any
device and is
completely web-based.

Technicians can input hours worked directly
from their mobile device, which automatically
syncs with payroll.

Capture signatures
from the field and bill
parts based on truck/device location.

Ability to work offline and auto sync information when internet is available.


Complete Integration - Eliminate hours of duplicate entry with Ventus management software, which includes accounting, service, construction and sales order data all in one system. This enables you to maintain data integrity across the organization.

Easy-to-Use Interfaces - Built with the latest Microsoft technologies, Ventus enterprise software features intuitive interfaces that allow your users to concentrate on the tasks at hand, rather than wasting time trying to figure out how to use the software.

Tighter Controls - Ventus enterprise software features full audit trails, event logs and user-based restrictions, so your controller can be confident that all data is secure, yet still accessible by authorized personnel.

Real Business Intelligence - Since information is stored in a relational SQL database, Ventus management software provides unparalleled access to your data. When combined with our Pick-and-Choose Report Writer, your team can quickly turn mountains of information into actionable business decisions that deliver measurable results.

Field Service Automation - Ventus Software’s Mobile Field Service module is critical for the success of your petroleum service contracting business. It enables you to streamline and automate your service department by dispatching and processing all work orders electronically.


Would my business results improve if I could:

Review potential cost overruns without wading through mountains of paperwork?

Be proactive about managing budget problems by comparing actual costs and estimated costs on a per phase basis?

Keep an eye on the future status of projects, while getting up-to-the-minute information on current costs?

Quickly review subcontractor draw requests, retainages, change orders, back charges, workers’ compensation certificate expiration dates and payments?

Create, assign, and manage daily work orders?

Efficiently and Effectively Dispatch and know the location of your technicians?

Auto Schedule Preventative Maintenance calls and create task lists for your technicians to fill out in the field?

Easily calculate workers’ compensation and liability premiums based on
the work being performed?

Reduce my overhead costs by entering information once in the appropriate accounting module, such as job cost or payroll, and having that information automatically populate all related accounting functions?

Did you answer “yes” to any of the above questions? We’re guessing you did. So, the truth is that Ventus will definitely help make your petroleum contracting business more profitable. Call us at (800) 476-0094 to schedule a free customized tour of our PEI contractor software solutions.

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