In 1984, VMS opened its doors to provide an integrated accounting and job costing system to general contractors throughout the country. Our product offerings at this time were limited in the fact the we primarily focused solely on the general contractor. Due to a downturn in the economy in 1988, VMS had to look at other avenues in which we could market our product. In 1990, we released our Service Management product in order to meet the needs of the specialty contractor: HVAC Mechanical, Petroleum Equipment, Electrical, and PHCC contractors. This opened the doors for VMS to create a robust enterprise software for the construction industry and allowed us to create a niche that no other vendors could match.


Vertical Market Software (VMS) is a leading provider of integrated business management software to the construction and service markets. The hallmark of our success has always been a dedicated and knowledgeable support, training and development team that takes pride in knowing and understanding your business.

As a result, we have set a new standard for customer service leadership. Our construction accounting, job cost and service management applications are developed in-house, and our development plans are driven by customer feedback. As a partner in your success, we are committed to creating innovative solutions in the Microsoft .Net/SQL environments that keep you on the cutting edge of technology. We strive to continuously improve our products and services each day, thereby making us your trusted provider of software for life.

Software for Life: Over 25 years of Vertical Market Software


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Our partnerships with industry-leading associations are a reflection of our commitment to serve our designated markets, to stay up to date with current business challenges and to develop innovative solutions that allow industry members to meet their goals.


We are proud to partner with the following leading-edge hardware, software and service providers to offer our customers a comprehensive solution across their enterprise:


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