Three Tips for Increasing the Efficiency and Productivity of your Technicians

In this article, we take a look at three important tips for getting the most out of your technicians. Additionally, these guidelines aim to help service managers and dispatchers better prepare their technicians for a busy day in the field. Many issues that hinder efficiency and productivity can be solved by being prepared and armed with the necessary tools to be successful. These three tips have proven to be effective strategies that should be implemented to survive in a competitive construction service industry.

Solve Logistical Concerns with Technology
A lack of communication and coordination across service companies is generally the main reason as to why construction service businesses are operating inefficiently. Logistical and communication issues can typically be addressed by leveraging the latest, most cutting-edge technologies. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are great ways for dispatchers or service managers to keep in touch with their staff, along with a variety of apps and programs that are tailored to construction businesses. GPS technologies can help pinpoint where technicians are, as well as where to direct them for the next assignment, which can promote efficiency among your technicians in the field.

In addition, construction software solutions today now offer intuitive dispatching capabilities that make scheduling more efficient. Scheduling can be done in advance, with the ability to revise the schedule as needed, reflecting the fast-paced and unpredictable construction service industry. These technologies, whether desktop software or mobile apps, have tracking functions that allow service managers to oversee productivity levels of each technician, providing more data that can be used to help encourage efficiency and productivity on your team.

Track Data and Generate Detailed Reports with Construction Software
To ensure technicians remain productive and knowledge, all services completed should be logged in a construction service management software. In doing so, your company can become more efficient by eliminating the need for a specific product expert, which is usually someone in the office that is often tasked with answering majority of the difficult questions that arise. By adding key operational information, frequently asked questions and important data into a construction service software solution, your technicians will be better equipped to handle any questions and problems that may arise when in the field. This strategy goes hand in hand with training your employees to be experts in their respective fields. Not only do you want your technicians to do a great job for your customers, you want them to be welcoming and knowledgeable so customers will give you their business in the future as well. Moreover, by keeping your technicians prepared and informed, your technicians can get the job done right the first time and stay ahead of the competition.

Organized and Detailed Inventory
Your technicians will be best equipped to handle any assignment at a moment’s notice with an organized and detailed inventory system. With HVAC, plumbing and electrical issues arising out of nowhere, it is the job of service managers to make sure their technicians are prepared. Having a construction service software solution in place will help technicians avoid making extra trips for forgotten materials, while allowing them to take maximize their overall efficiency as well. It is essential to work with your technicians to ensure that their vehicles are stocked in the most optimal manner.

Not only must each technician be ready for any job, your entire stock of inventory must also be updated within your software solution and updated on a daily basis to ensure accuracy. Maintain detailed records of all of your equipment and make sure you are aware of what pieces of equipment are being used in the field and what is available in storage. There are many tools available to keep track of equipment and inventory, one of which is investing in a fully integrated construction software, which will help streamline the inventory process.

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